The 2010 founding of Vaquero Strategy was predicated on the founder’s vision.  As both affordable and luxury hospitality and tourism industry insiders, the company set out to fulfill a three-fold mission:

·        To gain in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs,

·        To generate visionary solutions that convert our client’s dreams into reality,

·        To deliver consistent service quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations

Since inception, Vaquero’s highly personalized and relationship-based initial offering has included destination development, branding and marketing, sales, development and strategy consulting services to preeminent industry leaders in the international leisure and entertainment, hospitality and real estate industries. 

In an effort to accommodate our client’s evolving needs, Vaquero launched highly successful franchise development and renewable energy business units in recent years.   

Sweet Paris Franchises Available Now!

It started with dream to be able to regularly relive the feeling that a perfect Paris crepe offers.  Under the leadership and guidance of Vaquero...