There is a direct relationship between comfort levels of patrons and hotel and resort running cost.  This translates into energy consumption accounting for up to 6% of total running costs of these establishments.  Furthermore, the bulk of used energy is produced by gas, coal and petroleum products, which contribute to increased CO2 emissions.

A bevy of quick fixes exist, which include adjusting laundry temperatures, covering heated water masses after hours, reducing hallway and back office energy consumption and staggering meal preparation times.  These efforts are labor intensive, often do not yield consistent, measurable results and may have a negative effect on quality of service delivery.

Starting at construction material selection, Vaquero designs long terms solutions for public sector and private clients based on present and future costs of:

  • Heating

  • Air conditioning and ventilation

  • Hot water production

  • Lighting

  • Food preparation

A typical investment recuperation scope is approximately three years and based on:

  • Reduced energy cost

  • More reliable power supply

  • Improved power supply quality

In additional to client-specific benefits, Vaquero’s solutions have an impact on a national and global scale, due to:

  • Reduced reliance on electrical grid systems

  • Primary fuel savings

  • Reduced capital expenditure on power plant construction

  • Improvement of environmental conditions

  • Enhanced regional competition due to reduced operations expense